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Cuturi Gallery

Cuturi Gallery is a next generation art gallery founded on the belief that art should be empowering and meaningful for everyone. A curator of change and a custodian of artistic diversity, Cuturi Gallery is a challenger of vested interests and of the status quo, pushing the boundaries of how galleries operate. The gallery connects broad audiences to high-quality art by diverse talents that speaks to the heart and tells the story of an undiscovered generation of aspiring artists that will have the art world aching for more.

Diminishing aristocratic traditions and providing transparency in an art world that is at times daunting, Cuturi Gallery presents an inclusive and democratised art ecosystem which fosters greater collaboration, understanding and appreciation of art amongst artists, collectors and the industry at large.

c/discoveries is a game-changing initiative that creates a new art market. Borrowing key elements from non-profit arts, it is committed to nurturing emerging artists who need mentorship, financial backing and guidance. It provides a platform for new artists, while bringing high quality art at accessible prices to a new range of buyers.

Under-represented talents face challenges in an institution that relies on the few established artists of international acclaim. c/discoveries empowers the next generation of artists by giving back to the artist: For every artwork sold under our non-profit initiative, 80% of the proceeds go to the artist, while the other 20% will fund future artists.

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