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DASETiDASETi (pronounce dàr say ti) is derived from the American Indian Language meaning mirror.

The mirror is a reflecting surface that forms an image of an object with the aid of light rays aiming the visual perception. A flat plane mirror reflects light without distorting the image. We are the self-reflection of the life we so choose. How we perceive ourselves ultimately set the direction of how our life will be. Thus, with this idea of the mirror as a reflection, DASETi is born.

DASETi is a common voice to reach out to people from all works of life, without boundaries or status, so long as he/she is in need emotional support; psychologically and physiologically.  We are a group of like-minded life coaches and therapists with many different fields of expertise who have band together to help others.

DASETi is for the people by the people.  Reflections, articles and life tools are shared on Daily inner thoughts FB page to enrich anyone's life.

A beacon that enriches lives, help people overcome their pain and guide them through personal growth and triumphs.

We are enablers who change lives for the better.

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