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DesignTinkers Pte Ltd

DesignTinkers provide fun & nurturing workshops in Art, Design & Architecture; designed to pique curiosity, prompt inquiries, challenge norms, investigate, test ideas and get to unique outcomes through a Design process.

We recognize the child's unique ways of seeing the world. We want them to remain inquisitive of what works and what does not in their environment; instilling critical thinking at an early age. By exposing children to design ideas, concepts and aesthetics, we introduce the Design thinking process as a way to problem solve and be creative in finding solutions.

We provide opportunities for children to collaborate in teams, foster learning through tinkering with open-ended materials to stretch their creativity. There will be no instruction manuals to follow, no tests to score, no exams to conquer and no screen time. DesignTinkersKidz are free to make mistakes, learn from them and through this process develop their creative abilities and confidence.