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ExcellenceForAll Africa S.A.U

ExcellenceForAll Africa S.A.U company was founded on March 14,
2019, in Dakar by Mr. Hilaire BELL who is the chief executive officer.

It is a sole holder public limited company with a fully paid-up capital for
a total of 10,000,000 F CFA (≈ 20 000 USD).

The Company provides consultancy services which offer a combination of excellence and know-how in the areas of language courses, translations and interpretations, revision and editing of texts, as well as publishing services. It is a multinational specialised in the promotion of languages in Africa and abroad.

The accounting firm RMA Nexia in Dakar is the external auditor of the

The company’s CSR plan has been adopted and is applicable.

The company also has a code of conduct that is applicable to all its
staff, consultants and partners that pledge to work for a modern
corporate governance based on universal principles of human rights.

Occupational risk is covered by a multi-risk professional indemnity
insurance and the Head Office is secured by a private security company.

 ExcellenceForAll Africa S.A.U applied for UN’s Global Compact
membership on 31st/05/2019 and is committed to respect the 10
principles especially the principle 5 relating to the abolition of child

The company is accredited by 8 ministries in Senegal including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Education and the Special High Court Dakar.

The company is registered as a supplier to 27 agencies of the United Nations and the African Union.

ExcellenceForAll Africa S.A.U. is an honorary member of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry of Dakar.


B.P 27141 Dakar
Tél/Fax : (+221) 78 156 68 24