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JCVI share unique outdoor adventure, travel trips and tips, and motivation to go where your heart desires daily. Enjoy your life while you can. Do not wait because our life is just like running water down the river - it does not flow backwards. So it is with life, YOUR LIFE.


Our tagline "Just Connect & Venture belongs to the Adventurous" whether this is your first time or second or to just get "lost" in those places you have been dreaming of so often but no time to go.  At today's rate, your money kept in the bank may not be really YOURS. So when it is time to spend, just spend, and treat yourself really really nice as well because you are getting older by the years and will live to regret when you become physically Im...possible to walk too far.


Whenever there is an weekend opportunity, get together man... with old classmates, old colleagues and even old friends. The gathering is not just about eating, but your 'PRESENCE'. You can fuel to their motivational fire and encourage them to live the life they have been imagining by taking that first step, next that first adventure. 


Start now, gather your friends and just go get "LOST" in their first adventure.


Getting "LOST" here to know YOURSELF is.......

"Like falling in love, travel throws us into a state of delight, uncertainty and self-discovery.

Like lovers, travelers both give and receive.

Travelers, like lovers, go naked into the world. mmm.." quoted by Pico Iyer

So if you obey all the rules, you will miss MOST if not ALL of the FUN.

Break a leg then. FREE Yourself Totally with JCV.


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