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Jeremy Tan

My name is Manson See. I came from a humble & low-income family. I was taught by my mother to learn to be independent at the age of 12 years old. I have been working for the past 14 years & having wanted to get out of the rat race since the arrival of my first boy in November 2011. As that my of time, me & my wife are pretty short of $. We both decided to give the best for our boy. The only way out is to earn passive income. Therefore, I pickup to learn Value Investing in December 2010. After 7 years of journey, I have earned from US$10,000 to more than US$120,000. I can stay at home looking after my two boys & watch them grow. I have the freedom of choice to live the lifestyle that I want. I am pretty confident that my options will give me a good retirement for my family. I spend less than an hour a month monitoring my options trade. I can even sleep soundly without feeling any stress.

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