Oh Cheng Kok, AFC

Chengkok is a Author, Financial Blogger, Investment Trainer and a Financial Planner. His passion is to help people retire early and also avoid financial pitfalls through value investing and insurance. He has been trained by Mary Buffett, one of the top finance expert in America and also Sean Seah, Asian Buffettologist. 

Through his passion in personal finance, he has helped thousands of people in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand through different investment landscapes and different financial background. From an administration executive to a CEO of listed companies, he believes that everyone should retire early, happy while preparing for financial pitfalls such as a prolong disease. 

He is the Co-Author of Secrets of Value Investing.  He holds a B(sc) in Mathematics and Economics and Co-Founder of www.journeywithmoney.com and the Founder of www.yourwealthdojo.com 

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