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Sacred Avenue (S) Pte Ltd


Sacred Avenue©



To create individuals who live life deliberately.


Our Background


Sacred Avenue© is an experiential and transformation journey to live life deliberately with meaning and purpose using the Identity Matrix laws. These laws were created by Mr Arvind Acharya, who discovered life’s truths through various interactions as a business and corporate consultant, life coach, Neuro-linguistic Program Certified Practitioner, Integral Theory Practitioner, entrepreneur and Reiki Master.


He is one of the directors of Sacred Avenue. The others are:


Mr Suriya Sanjeevan, an established and professional counsellor of 34 years.He is also an experienced trainer, adept at conducting group trainings, workshops and coaching with a solution-focused approach for individuals as well as corporations. He has conducted workshops on anger management, parenting, work-life balance, coping with the elderly and understanding them better as well as effective communications.


Mr Shailesh Kumar, an accomplished IT specialist, an entrepreneur and a dedicated social worker and trainer. His work in IT has ingrained in him a systematic and logical thought process while his entrepreneurial adventures have brought out his versatility. His experience in social work has broadened his perspective of life and has helped deepen his emotional intelligence.





Demystify living- Elaborate on functional living.


Clarify objectives – Assist clients to see clearly the essential and non-essential in their life in a structured way.


Open possibilities- Enable the person to extend his/her horizon.


Equip with tools – Help navigate his/her life successfully towards envisioned goals.




We value attributes that contributes to you living your life to the fullest – clarity, creativity, perseverance & compassion.


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