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SEA Soul.itaire 海の灵心

Soul Empowerment Agency (SEA Soul.itaire 海の灵心) is a social enterprise (member of raiSE) for purposeful living provides holistic wellness program, services and products for self-love, empowering you to be the best version of yourself!

We are also building a community for soul workers to network, outreach and contribute to the society.

SEA Soul.itaire 海の灵心 believe all souls are beautiful. We devoted ourselves to improve the mental health & well-beings of individuals and supporting a team of single mums who are dedicated and passionate soul workers. 20% of profit will be funding the Assistance Fund for low income, caregivers, stay at home mum and single-parent to receive quality services provided by the agency.

SEA Soul.itaire 海の灵心提供一系列疗愈身心灵的课程与活动,以协助人们学习关爱自己并达臻人生目标与使命。

此中心励志与各灵心连结。 在主办身心灵活动的同时,也提供一个平台让灵心导师互相交流。 灵心导师可以通过参与中心的课程和服务,提升技能及推广疗愈。