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Skill Sharpening

Skill Sharpening specialises in providing comprehensive education and training to assist people in building their skills, knowledge and physical abilities to face life’s challenges. We aim to be at the forefront of the industry, using the latest technologies in assessing clients’ health and leveraging on our team’s multi-disciplinary background to develop client-specific interventions. We have also developed challenging international races and events to provide avenues for our members to further test and challenge themselves. 
Services include:
✲ Sports Coaching 
✲ Team Building
✲ Survival Training 
✲ Epigenetic Coaching 
✲ Multi Sports Program 
Races & Events include:
✲ Thirsty Fox Race – Annual race in the mountains of Southeastern France comprised of 30 obstacles along a 26km course with Mission Sundown, Survival Zone and Mission Sunrise schedules. The first-ever race created by former members of the French Foreign Legion
✲ International Races – Thirsty Lion Race (Singapore), Thirsty Eagle Race (Nigeria), Thirsty Puma Race (Argentina), Thirsty Fox Race (France), Thirsty Chang Race (Thailand), Thirsty Panda Race (China)
✲ Trail Run – obstacles, survival and outdoor races in France, Africa and Southeast Asia

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