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Straits Enclave

The Straits Enclave is situated in the heart of the heritage district of Joo Chiat known for its colourful Peranakan accented shophouses and it is a place where one must visit to appreciate the Peranakan culture - a prised part of Singapore's rich heritage. The Straits Enclave is a private gallery and event space with a simple aim of preserving and sharing a part of Singapore’s unique historical identity to the swiftly modernizing Singapore and rapidly changing world.

Once you step into the Straits Enclave, it is like taking a step back in time into a different time dimension – 100 years back into an early 1920s Peranakan home when these architecturally stunning shophouses were constructed in Joo Chiat. Guests are welcomed by a captivating ambience, followed by a feast for their eyes where they will be tickled by the stories and Peranakan Chinese artefacts that will inevitably entice them to want to know more about the Peranakan culture. The place provides fascinating insights into the development of this unique culture and heritage that infuses Colonial, Chinese and Malay influences into their living spaces, furniture, deco, art, tapestry, kitchen wares, dressing, and more.

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