System of the Heart


System of the Heart was founded by Christine Wong, a seasoned life, business and relationship coach. It's focus is on the WHY and the heart of things like IOPT works, Community, HANG OUT support sessions, Humanitarian works in Myanmar and beyond. The sole purpose of this is to send a message out there that “you are not alone”. To understand what has happened to us as a child as the source to our current challenges is never easy.

With more than a decade of experience in psychotherapy work, and working with C-Suite, management teams and professionals, Christine has effected real and permanent results faster in more than 30,000 adults from all walks of life. Christine is also the pioneer and leading IOPT practitioner in Asia.

Her warm and open personality makes her relatable and safely support her client's self-discovery and deep realisation process since 2004. This allows them to go further in their careers and lives, with ease, and they trust her to support them for a lifetime of business, financial and life breakthroughs.

Christine's passion for facilitating personal transformation has brought her all around the world to learn cutting edge modalities that create significant mental and emotional shifts. She only uses modalities that are safe, effective and well supported by research in psychology.

Her methods allow for holistic explanations for the various emotional, mental and physical stresses of your life. It takes into account your real life experiences and brings you into close contact with your true identity.

Christine is already training the next generation of coaches and practitioners in this system. She has dedicated her life to transforming individuals, families and communities, one mindset at a time.