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System of the Heart Community

System of the Heart Community

First founded in 31 Dec 2004  by Raymond Foong and his wife Christine Foong-Wong, with the sole purpose of bringing clarity to adults through coaching and training in the following areas: Career ( using Harrison Innerview Assessment), Business mindset , Business Partners Conflict resolution, Couple Relationships , Parenting and Personal Confidence.


The  creation of "System of the Heart - SOH" workshops talks about the very essence of the heart! It reveals to us the hidden and unconscious systems that governs our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions and is based on Prof. Dr Franz Ruppert's Trauma Theory - IOPT mentioned below. Designed by Christine has transformed many lives! This is made possible through Christine's more than a decade of coaching and training experience.

Other than coaching and training, Christine also focuses on Trauma Therapy done through individual private, public and private group sessions.

System of the Heart Training  is the official organiser of and training centre for Prof Dr Franz Ruppert's Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IOPT) and its method of intervention through a Trainers' workshop and professional training in both Singapore and Asia. 


Co-Founder :

Christine Foong-Wong (Ms)

Co-Founder, head coach and trainer of System of the Heart Community and Training Centre since 2004, Christine has trained and coached more than 30,000 adults in the last 15 years. She is very passionate about life transformational trainings and workshops. Her coaching and training sessions are highly experiential and it leaves deep impacts in everyone's lives, and has enabled many thousands to discover their true identities.

Christine started facilitating Psychotherapy works since 5 years ago and has been facilitating Psychological Trauma Therapy workshops and 1-1 sessions since 2013. She is personally taught by Professor Dr Franz Ruppert (Germany) , founder of Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy on the theory of Trauma and his revolutionary and yet scientifically based therapy method that can both diagnose and treat our deep psychological splits.  She believes that this is the missing link in many unsolved issues and mysteries in the emotional, psychological, physical and mental health of many. 


Do feel free to access all her interview recordings with Prof. Franz Ruppert on how childhood psychological traumas affects both adutls and children.

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