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The Breathe Movement

The Breathe Movement believes that the breath is a powerful enabler of change for every individual. We want to provide equal opportunities for everyone to practice yoga, and be equipped with the appropriate tools that aid in the cultivation of self-awareness and emotional resiliency, resulting in a greater sense of self-empowerment. We work with individuals who are considered at-risk and/or marginalised, which include those from (but not limited to) prisons/detention centres, foster homes, low-income backgrounds, and secondary schools.

Our trauma-informed yoga-based programs are sensitive to the needs of our participants, and are created as opportunities to experience our bodies regardless of physical ability. Our intention is to allow individuals to harness their inner strength to build emotional resiliency and self-awareness, resulting in feeling safe and empowered in their bodies.

The Breathe Movement is a social enterprise member of raiSE Singapore.

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