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TrackRecord Trading

TrackRecord was founded by professional traders with the initial mission to provide world-class training to institutional traders in investment banks and hedge funds. Since its success, TrackRecord now tailor-makes its programmes to also suit retail traders as the demand for talent in the industry continues to grow. Using the best of his knowledge and experience gained over the last 20 years, our CIO – Vee, has created training modules and partnered up with established industry practitioners to develop programmes that will help traders from all walks of life understand the framework of risk-taking, become more accountable to their trading process and ultimately become more profitable consistently over the long term. As such, our world-class programmes are developed from Vee’s thorough understanding of the dos and don’ts acquired over a career of trading in institutions in London, Singapore, Seoul, New York and Hong Kong.

Vee co-founded TrackRecord to provide retail traders with the foundation to trade successfully and profitability, not because of what could be earned but because he believes that equipping retail traders with the trading experience and knowledge he gained over the last 20 years, would provide them with the tools to achieve the success they dream of. The success of every student is what drives us every day to do better and continually enhance our market reports, programme materials, and processes that we use to help you master trading.

Each programme combines theory and hands-on practice delivered through an experiential learning process where students learn to trade with real dollars. Having real dollars at stake enhances the students’ investment in the learning process. Mentors are there to provide observation, evaluation, and guidance, allowing students to learn through real life experiences.

Delivered by industry practitioners with extensive experience in investing and trading the relevant capital markets, our learning solutions are practical and will exceed your targeted needs.