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Yvonne Boey

Yvonne found yoga when she was searching for another path in her life. Her practice helped her find inner peace and strength that motivated her to move forward in life. After her YTT, she has taught open mat classes to share her love for yoga, hoping to help others find that same inner strength she found, to guide them through their daily hurdles, to seek life more meaningfully. Touching her toes was completely out of question when she started yoga two years ago, and she never believed she would be able to do that today. Quoting from her, it's all about #wantingitenough! With consistency, perseverance, and lots of patience, she learnt that nothing is impossible, and wants to share with everyone that yoga is for anyone. “You don’t have to be strong and flexible to do yoga. You do yoga to gain those strength and flexibility.”

#PayAsYouWishYOGA is an outdoor yoga community started by Yvonne. Knowing that the cost of yoga classes is always one of the many reasons deterring many people out there to start yoga, Yvonne wishes to spread her love for yoga to the community by starting this pay as you wish yoga community. This means that you have the freedom to contribute any amount you want for the class. If you feel slightly poorer at the end of the month, you can contribute less. If you feel richer on your payday, you can contribute more;) The recommended amount would be $15 to help support this community, but it is really up to you to decide on the amount to contribute:):):)

***Please note that no mats/props will be provided for the classes, so please bring along your yoga mat for the class. You are welcome to bring along any props if you need them for the class too!

Come join Yvonne for her #PayAsYouWishYOGA outdoor community classes every week in the Southern part of Singapore! Classes are small to maximize teaching and learning, and conducted once every week on either weekday evenings or weekend mornings (Schedule for the new month will be updated by the end of the month on her ig, so keep a lookout!). There are 4 different types of classes taught, so do take note of the type of class taught on that day to prevent any shocks/disappointments.


**Class types:

1. Anti-ageing (slow paced; suitable for all levels)

As we grow older, our joints and muscles tend to stiffen and loose its elasticity, & we often feel more lethargic and weaker than before. Anti-aging class helps to reduce the tightness within our body, while working a little on our strength to boost our energy level for the day. This class is suitable for those who wants to feel lighter, a little stronger, and more energised, without sweating buckets. Beginners and middle-aged are welcomed!

2. Basics (slow-medium paced; suitable for all levels)

In our basics class, we'll work on basic poses & alignments, while holding the poses longer than usual, feeling the muscles burning and worked out. This class is suitable for those who are new to yoga and for those who wants to start practicing again after taking a long break.

3. Flow/Power (fast paced; for regular practitioners)

In our flow class, we'll work with one breath, one movement; while for power class, we will focus on strength/flexibility, working on a targetted part of our body or towards a specific pose. Class can either be flow or power or a mix of both:) Be prepared to sweat buckets, feel your body shake, and muscles burning!


~Level of difficulty: Anti-ageing < Basics < Flow/Power


For first timers, please fill in this form to complete your registration.

Do keep a look out for the updated classes via her instagram account, @yvonneboeyy.

For any enquires, you can DM Yvonne via her ig account, @yvonneboeyy or contact her at +6590495115.

Thank you & See you on the mat:);):);)

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