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Eventbrite Spectrum

Discover extensions that open new possibilities for your events and make life easier for you.

Finance & Reporting

by Dasheroo

Business Dashboards Done Right! Organize, make sense of and take action on all your important business metrics from one place. Dasheroo is here to help you make molehills out of the mountains of “big data” out there. With Eventbrite and Dasheroo you can track your events, website traffic, social media engagement and more — all within a customizable (and free!) dashboard. No need to log in separately to all your different apps as you can now get a summary and detailed view of your business metrics right within Dasheroo. With a beautiful, flexible layout and unique data templates, gone are the days of boring, stale analytics. Whether you are choosing from one of our pre-built templates designed for specific marketing demographics or building your own from scratch by importing custom data, Dasheroo has a tool for everyone. Connect your Eventbrite account and view your ticket orders, ticket revenue, number of tickets sold,ticket sales by type, sold tickets vs remaining tickets, recent orders,most orders, most revenue and most tickets for all your events in one place. These insights can be key to viewing the trending aspects of your business:Are your events getting enough attendees and creating enough buzz for your business? Dasheroo can help you see and determine where your next marketing move should be. Dasheroo starts at a free plan, perfect for small businesses! To find out more or get started, head on over to Dasheroo.

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by Batchbook

Batchbook is the best CRM for following up after events and growing your business.

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Promotion & Advertising

by Bandsintown

Promote your event to concert-goers on demand with Bandsintown, the largest concert discovery app in the world. With Bandsintown Promoter, you can create custom email campaigns to reach an audience of 30M highly engaged music fans. Target that audience by music preference and the specific artists and bands they follow, and then hyper-target the right fans based on geolocation. Bandsintown Promoter can help you sell more tickets and drive attendance to your show, festivals, and concerts.

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Mobile Apps

by Presdo

Powerful attendee networking and a full event guide.

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by Fundly

Add a simple, easy to manage, online fundraising component to your event.

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by SpaceCraft, Inc.

SpaceCraft empowers small businesses to create and manage websites through a powerful content management system (CMS), producing websites that function seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets and PCs

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by Sponseasy

Create and track a beautiful sponsorship deck.

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Email Marketing

by Vision6

Get more attendees to your event with SMS + Email Marketing

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Promotion & Advertising

by Verve

Turn word of mouth into your biggest sales channel

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Onsite Operations


Simplest way to create a live poll for your audience.

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