Power Enneagram Foundation Course

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Singapore Shopping Centre

190 Clemenceau Avenue


Singapore, 239924


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Discover Your Full Potential & Life Purpose... Get What You Want In Life Using The Most Powerful Personality Tool In The World...

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The Problems You Face In Life Are Due To The Two Reasons Below…

1) You Don’t Know Your True Power

  • Do you know what your strengths and positive traits are? And how you can use them to achieve the life you truly desire?
  • Do you know what are your negative traits and personal challenges?
  • Do you know how your blind spots are causing problems in your life, and stopping you from achieve what you want?
  • Do you know what your Life Purpose is and the Direction you should be heading for?
  • Do you know what you need to do to create a satisfying, meaningful, and happy life?

2) You Don’t Understand How Others Think Or Feel

  • Do you always understand others and know exactly what they want?
  • Do you know why some people are easier to get along, while there are people who are really difficult, and they make life difficult for you?
  • Do you know why your partner or spouse has certain traits that you cannot change?
  • Do you truly understand your partner so that you can have a rewarding relationship?
  • Do you know your colleagues so well that your team works like a well-oiled machine?

If you have been searching for answers to your life’s challenges and issues… or even to know yourself deeper, you are in the right place to learn one of the powerful tools to help you succeed and win more in life. Introducing…

Power Enneagram Foundation Course

What Is Power Enneagram?

There are 9 Types of Personalities in The Enneagram. The worldview of each Enneagram type is vastly different from one another. When you begin to understand the 9 personalities in Enneagram, your whole life falls into one coherent piece, and life events begin to make sense.

Enneagram will direct your attention to your Life Purpose, your Deepest Calling, your Intrinsic Motivations, your unique Gifts and Talents, your Life Lessons, and the best path towards Self-Actualisation & Enlightenment.

Power Enneagram is a 9-Point Self-Transformation System that is deeply rooted in Spirituality and Modern Psychology.

Enneagram dives deep into your Subconscious Mind, unraveling the True Life Purpose and Unique Gifts that you bring into this life time. One becomes purified, renewed and reinvented through the Miraculous Process of Power Enneagram

In This FREE One-Day Enneagram Course, You Will Learn How To Use Enneagram To Understand Yourself & Others, So That You Can Achieve The Life You Desire

Course Content Outline

What Is Enneagram And How To Use It As A Powerful Development Tool

Enneagram is the oldest, most powerful Personal Growth tool, researched and developed by scientists, researchers and Psychology Professors - definitely one of the best kept secret in the Psychology Field.

How To Discover And Step Into Your Power: Get Into The Flow Of Life

All of us are born with Special Powers that will bring us to greater heights in life - only if you know what those Special Powers are and how you can fully utilise them.

The 9 Enneagram Types

There are 9 Personalities in Enneagram, discover what makes each type tick: the motivations, the beliefs, the strengths, the positive and the negative traits.

The Power of "WHY" and Purpose

Enneagram talks about Personality, the Purpose and the “WHY”. Why do you do what you do? Knowing the "WHY" gives you the True Meaning and Purpose.

Discover Your True Self & Inner Power

With years of external influences and social conditioning, we behave as what is termed as “normal”, the “normal” prevents you from knowing who you really are - the REAL you who can be free and truly happy.

How To Determine Your Enneagram Type

When you know your Enneagram type, you will then truly understand who you are, and what special powers you are born with - the unique gifts and talent which you can use to get the best out of life.

Different Types of Personality Tools

How To Identify Useless & Fake Personality Tools. Many tools out there are created by companies to make money. They make claims that no one can verify. The Psychology Field mocks this approach. A True Tool has to stand the tests of time, and it must be replicable.

Power Packed Seminar Revealing Your

Life Purpose, Life Direction, Financial Life, Social Life, Family Life, Parenting Styles, Relationship Patterns, Leadership and Communication Styles.

Dynamic 1-Day Workshop Consisting Of Interactive Games, Hands On Practical exercises, Discussions And Sharing...

Course Details:


A) 11 January 2020

B) 18 January 2020

C) 8 February 2020


9.31 am to 6.13 pm


Singapore Shopping Centre, #02-19

190 Clemenceau Avenue

Singapore 239924

Usual Price: $568

Limited Time Offer: FREE

Who Should Attend?

Coaches, Healers, Psychotherapists, Conscious Leaders, Trainers, Parents, Teachers, Business Owners, Sales Professionals, Customer Service Professionals & Individuals Who Want To Understand Themselves & Others.

About The Trainer

Nicole Ling one of Asia’s top Fortune 100 Trainer and Speaker. She is also the Chief Trainer of Power, Creator and Founder of The Unlimited Miracles Healing Method. Nicole is a Certified Enneagram Trainer and a Psychology-trained Counselling Psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience in healing, spirituality and meditation. She was a Psychology Lecturer and had conducted training for Apple, Amex, Boeing, Credit Suisse, Amazon and many other Fortune 500 Companies.

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Date and Time


Singapore Shopping Centre

190 Clemenceau Avenue


Singapore, 239924


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