Secret Gardens - a forest bathing series

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Singapore Botanic Gardens

1 Cluny Road

Singapore, 259569


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Refund Policy

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Retreat into green enclaves in Singapore with a restful guided forest bathing experience. A {Xiu x Utama Spice} collaboration.

About this Event

Welcome into the Secret Gardens. Xiu Nature Connections and Utama Spice (Singapore) are delighted to continue our Secret Gardens forest bathing series.

It is simple. As you rest and re-enchant yourself with beauty and nature, every thing becomes whole.

This is a guided sensory exploration of lesser-known green enclaves around our sunny island home, Singapore. A self-care experience with a tinge of exploration. Through the art of forest bathing, you will be re-connecting with nature, resting your mind and body, and rejoicing life.

* These are not hikes. You do not need have extreme fitness or physicality to join these experiences, but you do need to be comfortable to stroll/walk for up to 20-minute with pauses - sometimes on terrains that may include grass fields and stairs. Experiences are not strenuous.


1. Secret Garden: secret doors of the forest

Retreat into the sounds of the forest. Pause and immerse in the stories of the land and our history. As our paths merge and diverge, we arrive at the secret doors.

Date/time: 7 November 2020 (Sat), 3.30 pm - 6 pm

  • Accessibility (to meeting point): Difficult, no direct access by bus or MRT (nearest MRT is 15 min walk or 3 min drive away); parking available.
  • Accessibility (as we walk to the Secret Garden): Easy/Medium (slight incline, about 5 min stroll on pavements)
  • Accessibility (at the Secret Garden ): Easy/Medium (some uneven ground on natural terrain, and some stairs)
  • Scenery and space: Forest

2. Secret Garden: hideout estate

Gentle rolling green hills, evergreen trees and an expanded sky view. Here, it is as if one has stepped into the world of serenity, and stepped up to the top of the world. You are invited to hide-out here.

Date/time: 14 November 2020 (Sat), 3.30 pm - 6 pm

  • Accessibility (to meeting point): Moderate, accessible by buses, no direct access by MRT (nearest MRT is 5 min drive away); parking available.
  • Accessibility (as we walk to the Secret Garden): Easy (about 10 min stroll on pavements)
  • Accessibility (at the Secret Garden ): Moderate (some hilly sections, uneven ground on natural terrain)
  • Scenery and space: Meadow-like with trees

3. Secret Garden: lush green core

Concrete embraces a flourishing green heart. Step into this hidden garden, a biophilic world where man and nature co-exists. Wait, man is nature, aren't we?

Date/time: 21 November 2020 (Sat), 3.30 pm - 6 pm

  • Accessibility (to meeting point): Easy, accessible via MRT and buses; parking available.
  • Accessibility (as we walk to the Secret Garden): Easy (about 5 min stroll on pavements)
  • Accessibility (at the Secret Garden ): Easy (flat with some stairs)
  • Scenery and space: Semi-indoor garden

4. Secret Garden: rustic calm behind the tracks

Entering through an inconspicuous entrance, breathe easy and leave the chaos. Wander and wonder through this rustic nature sanctuary where wild and tame blends and balances beautifully.

Date/time: 28 November 2020 (Sat), 3.30 pm - 6 pm

  • Accessibility (to meeting point): Easy, short walk from MRT; parking available.
  • Accessibility (as we walk to the Secret Garden): Easy (about 10 min stroll on pavements)
  • Accessibility (at the Secret Garden ): Easy (flat natural terrain)
  • Scenery and space: Forest and shrubland

** Kindly ignore the location of the events which is currently published as Singapore Botanic Gardens. You will receive the details of our meeting point after registration and the Secret Garden will be revealed to you on the actual day!

** Remember to tune back for new secret gardens series! Or get the latest updates by following on Facebook or Instagram (@forestbathingsg).

Where are the Secret Gardens?

That's a secret! We are introducing some special green enclaves in Singapore. Some of these are lesser known public gardens, some are hidden green oases, and some are simply unknown green sanctuaries just around the corner of busy-ness. Detailed instructions to our meeting point will be shared with you after registration (about 3 days before the class). From the meeting point, we will walk together to the Secret Garden.

How you will benefit

  • Rest, refresh and enjoy physiological health benefits of forest bathing backed by Science research.
  • Get enchanted and explore hidden nature gems in a gentle accessible way.
  • Slow down, leave the chaos, live life.

What to expect

  • The experience takes on a slow immersive pace. It is not physical and not strenuous.
  • A certified forest therapy guide will facilitate the experience. Nature and forest bathing invitations are suggested but are never compulsory.
  • This is not a guided tour, but guided forest bathing experience. There will be some time (15 - 20 min) for self-exploration around the garden, or you can stay back longer if you wish to.
  • Light tea is provided, but you must bring your own cup. Light snacks (individual packs) will also be provided + a special gift from Utama Spice Singapore!

Want to know more about forest bathing? Please watch the video In Between: A Natural Appeal here.

Payments and registration

  1. We also accept payment via Paynow and/or bank transfer. If you prefer to pay via Paynow and/or bank transfer, please write to hello@xiunatureconnections.com to complete your registration and payment.
  2. We have a complementary Honour System payment support model. Pay what you can, no further questions asked.
  3. You will receive the details of the class (exact meeting point, things to bring etc.) via email at least 3 days before the class. Please look out for the email from hello@xiunatureconnections.com .

We reserve the rights to cancel and/or postpone the session if the minimum number of participants is not met and/or unfavourable weather changes. You will be able to register for another session without any further fees.

Private groups and bookings

If you will like to book a private or corporate session, please write to hello@xiunatureconnections.com .

COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures

Let's keep this experience safe, enjoyable and enchanting for everybody. We are committed to holding space in a safe and mindful way, and also appreciate your participation in upholding the safety precautions we are implementing:

  • Group size is quite small and limited to a maximum of 4 registered participants only.
  • Taking temperatures of all participants when we gather at the said meeting point.
  • Provision of hand sanitizer.
  • Serving of snacks is limited to individual snack packets.
  • Hot tea is served, but participants are to bring their own tea cups if they wish to.

You are required to:

  1. Wear your mask at all times.
  2. Take your temperature when we meet up at the said meeting point. Anyone with a temperature above 38 degree Celsius, and/or showing symptoms including cough, runny nose, sneezing, breathlessness will unfortunately not be allowed to join and/or continue with the class. We ask for your kind understanding please.
  3. Check in and check out using SafeEntry at the garden, where available.
  4. Maintain a safe distance of 1 metre or more (1 arm-length or more) from each other.
  5. Bring your own tea cup.


1. I am keen to join, but only if it is a place which I have never been before. May I know the location please?

Let us know where you think we might be going! You can write in to hello@xiunatureconnections.com .

2. Am I suitable for nature and forest bathing if I have never hiked nor spent much time outdoors?

Nature and forest bathing is designed to be accessible to everyone of varied fitness and outdoor experience. The class is conducted at a slow pace and we typically cover no more than 800 m for the entire session. We typically walk along well-established pavements in the gardens and grass lawns, and is very convenient and safe for everyone. The routes are also mostly level and no significant physical exertion will be required.

3. What if it rains?

This is a light rain or shine event. Generally, classes are cancelled only in the event of very heavy downpour or if there is risk of lightning. In such situations, we will personally contact you at least 30 minutes before the meeting time to confirm if the class will proceed or be cancelled. For classes that are cancelled by the host/guide, participants can register for another class without any additional charges. However, there will be no refunds.

4. Are we really walking in a forest?

Forest bathing allows a person to connect with nature. Nature exists outside forests too. City gardens, parks and beaches are some examples where meaningful connections with nature can take place and for you to receive your well-deserved mental and emotional recharge.

5. Is there a minimum age requirement for this class?

As forest bathing is a slow, mindful and contemplative class, it may not be suitable for children under the age of 13. However, if you think that your child would benefit from the class and would enjoy the pace, he/she is welcome to register as a participant and join us.

About your facilitator

Youmin is a certified nature and forest therapy guide and a yoga nidra facilitator. A pioneer and leader in Singapore and the Southeast Asia, she is passionate about sharing nature connections and deep restorative rest for well-being, especially for stressed out and disconnected city dwellers. In this frantic world we live in, she believes that we need to go into the 'rest space' to find ourselves, we need to slow down in a practical manner, and then, we can thrive sustainably. Working with individuals, groups and organisations, Youmin's intention is to support them to rise up as well-rested leaders. She has also guided and taught at overseas workshops, retreats and seminars including Finland, Bangkok, Chiang Rai and the Philippines. Her work has also been shared at international and local conferences, as well as publications. She is also a mentor to trainee guides and is the founder of Xiu Nature Connections.

Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Questions? Please contact hello@xiunatureconnections.com .

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Date and Time


Singapore Botanic Gardens

1 Cluny Road

Singapore, 259569


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